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Help Club utilizes the immersive nature of the VR ecosystem to help users defy distance and the physical constraints of the real world, transporting them to their own happier place. Once transported to our built-for-wellness worlds, users will be immediately provided with resources, calming games, and guided exercises to help them recenter, recharge, and reenergize their mental wellbeing.

After passing a short screening, most users will also have access to a groundbreaking form of group intervention called Cognitive Behavioral Immersion™. This proprietary, peer-led group approach gives users unlimited access to potentially life-changing mental health help. These event-based group sessions focus on issues that are important to users. These aren’t led by therapists or doctors—anyone can train to become a helper and begin to make an impact in the lives of others.

We will also have staff in Help Club 24/7 to ensure a positive, curated experience for all.

Therapy and traditional healthcare options for mental health are inaccessible to many. Help Club is a simpler, cheaper, and more accessible way to start on your mental health journey.


Free exercises, games and resources for all users to promote mental wellness and introduce coping strategies.

Convenient, user-friendly tool set to facilitate learning of coping strategies and tools

Optional group and moderated community interaction providing a welcoming app experience

Based on proven, evidence-based principles of Cognitive Behavioral Theory


Help Club’s various worlds will be launched as a persistent universe, perpetually available to users needing to utilize our worlds to receive personal or group-based help. Access to our basic self-help resources will be free. Qualified users may join a Help Club group with unlimited access to community or group events for $30 a month. After launch, new, wellness-inducing worlds will be released regularly.

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