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Very Real Help has created the world’s first metaverse that’s powered by a new kind of mental health help called Cognitive Behavioral Immersion™. This world is called Help Club, and allows anyone to access unlimited peer-led, group-based mental health support sessions. People can access mental health help anywhere at any time, all for a low monthly subscription. The intervention is based on Noah Robinson’s doctoral research at Vanderbilt University — Noah is translating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into a peer-based intervention.

Help Club allows anyone to log in through a VR headset, computer or phone to get immediate support at any time, rather than having to wait for the next appointment or group. And because the whole experience is completely anonymous, it makes it easier than ever to participate and share in group sessions.

We believe Help Club is going to transform mental health help. It provides a new low-cost option for those who either can’t afford or can’t access in-person therapy.


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